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Mazanga Von Badman
I would like to introduce you to the man that is Mazanga Von Badman. With his deep dark gravelly voice he is the perfect Dj and voice for radio. His extremely outgoing persona and mesmerizing nature flow freely throughout his legendary kopimi broadcasts across the depths of the Internet. His passion for music transcends all genres he is a seamless wizard of many fields. You can always find him by reaching out into the ether.

MAZ aka Von kopimi or better yet "The Badman" as he is known, is "da manz that can, anytime, anywhere, any how, any way". Back to back with his long time partner in crime DJ Joker, "The Badman" transmits live @ 2100 GMT every Sunday and Wednesday. He will also cover at any chance and with Mazanga, it's all about da bad ass bass.


DJ Joker has his roots in the early Rave scene of the 90’s.
DJ’ing since he was 13 years old in clubs and pubs with his Dad, he soon was working both the private party and dance music circuit often in venues he wasn’t old enough to attend through the front door! 

Although extremely successful he retired from playing live but he has kept a keen interest in music.
Don’t be surprised to see DJ Joker playing Techno, Soul, Hip Hop & Rock n Roll but its hard-core dance music where his heart lies.
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